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this isn't the end
Sunday, May 27, 2007

having o'level chinese 2mr!
scare can! hope i can get at least b3!
a2 or a1 is even better!
okies good night ppl! (:

this isn't the end;
9:55:00 PM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

okies i am here again!
was quite happy with my results!
i am disappointed with my english and soocial studies!
expected to pass social studie but i didnt!
but i still manage to pass my combined humanities still!
i am very happy for my E.MATHS!
finally like passed!
and i even got A2 for it! i didnt expected it!
my mom was happy with my results but she said that i need to pass my ENGLISH!
everytime fail english by i or 2 marks! pissed off!
but i still manage to to pass 4 subjects!
played bball in school 2dae!
after that thought i lost my wallet than called my mom to pick me up!
than ls return to me cuz she said i dropped it on e floor and i didnt notice it!
aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! dumb me!
than have to go home early cuz in the end mom still came to pick us up!
okies shall end here 2dae! good night! (:

this isn't the end;
9:40:00 PM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

back again!
chinese papers again!
everyday is the same!
papers and papers and papers!
i am sick of all these!
i failed my english and science!
pissed off cuz i fail english by 2 marks!!!

this isn't the end;
9:55:00 PM

Monday, May 14, 2007

back again!
have to do chinese paper everyday cuz of o'level chinese!!!
wth! ): anyway! did nithing except chinese paper the whole day!
went play bball at sengkang cc after lunched!
headed back home after that at 6!

this isn't the end;
10:21:00 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

went to watch spiderman3 with hy,ls,sl,pama,alicia and amanda!
its was nice! hahas!
b went for op and i am worried!
but i cant do anythin for her even though i am worried!

i am so disappointed with you!
here i am worrying like shit for you!
and there you are saying i dun give a damn about everythin!
i really dunno wad you want from me anymore.
anyway still hope that you will be fine and healthy.

this isn't the end;
10:21:00 PM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

its like been 100years since i blog!
okies 2mr having elective history!
studying later! hahas! hope i can pass man!
break a leg everyone!!! (:
okies gonna study now!!!
night everyone! study hard!

and just to let everyone know that
i got 3 of alicia's ugly photo!!!
hahas! and she claims that she look cute in one of them!
wth can! laugh until like crazy! hahas!
okies bye! (:

oh and i am happy 2dae! (:

this isn't the end;
10:06:00 PM

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Went out with b today, was tiring. But in the end turned out good. First we went to Pasir Ris to try to book her chalet, but didn't turn out so well. My birthday is coming! Yeahness! Hahas. But I really needed to get a chalet quick! Sigh. Then after that wondered around Pasir Ris. We went to Suntec later on to watch "Meet The Robinsons". It was a cute movie! But hardly anyone went to watch at Suntec. So it was empty! (: Oh well, after watching the movie, we headed back home as b needed to be home early. Me as well. Well, that was my day. Too tired to blog. Bye!

this isn't the end;
7:14:00 PM